Sunday, April 1, 2012

A City of Eternal Wait

It is time to leave. Wrap up two years of my life and leave behind a city I almost made home. But the thought strikes 'does anyone make Mumbai home'? Or are they all waiting to make it home. It is a city of eternal wait. People are always waiting. Waiting in line. For the train tickets, At the bus stop, to enter the stadium, for a job interview, to reach their stop, to get off at the right station, for their dream job, for the right home, for the perfect boy and on they wait.

Bombay has always been the city of struggle. You never arrive. You constantly strive. Strive for that better car, strive to send more money home, strive to become a star. It is this struggle that makes up the essence of Bombay. And it is this constant striving that never allows the city to grieve, to wallow in self pity. A bomb last, a bloody riot, deadly floods. The city cannot stop. The rich have to party, the poor need to clean up.

As this dawns upon me I wait too. I wait to pack up two years of my life in small suitcases. Brown and Black. I wait to wheel them off the city and into another.


  1. Why should a city wallow in self pity? And bomb's don't last if they blast. Muhahahaha.
    Additionally, where do you think people would go to, or arrive at? And if you wish to expand your retina a bit you may see that everything from Thane, Pune, stretching further, Nagpur, Shanghai and Madagascar are all waiting as well. A farmer is waiting for the rain, a rooster waiting for the sun, Shah Rukh Khan waiting for intelligence, and you're waiting for them to stop waiting.
    Tsk tsk.
    Confucius say "Confusion is said".

  2. Its very similar to Preludes by Eliot. I think you may like it.

    1. Oh Arsh! I just realised you had commented. Will look up Preludes. :)