Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A History Disturbed

There was a time in time,
when we flourished without any lines.
The streets were coloured saffron and green,
of kabab's and prasad smelt the streets.

Then history crept up from behind,
for the sake of a past secure,
the future was put on line.

A place of peace,
a tomb or an arch,
were all the same.
A secular state,
in silence it stared.

Thus a history demolished
and a future scarred,
marked the nature
of this secular democratic nation of ours.

Once disturbed, it never rests,
the war rages,
in streets, and homes,
in cities and nations,

In places unsuspected,
a house on rent,
a phone to connect.
A passport to fly
or a journalists outcry.

The daily grind,
a residue,
 of a history disturbed,
a future scarred.


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  2. Is this with reference to Babri Masjid?

    It's so beautifully written. And I love your subtle use of slant rhymes. :)