Thursday, November 26, 2009

A space left vacant because it got too full.

A strange numbness overpowers all else. And an emptiness descends into me, onto me, over me, above me. It is me . Simultaneously all soul is sucked away. Bit by bit. All my feelings evaporate. Then emotions are alien.

That hug is no longer warm. It is simply the movement of the arms grasping me in a circle. My body against yours. Wood against wood. Stone against stone. Marble against marble.

That woman in a torn saree, a naked baby in arm and an open wound is just someone else. Breathes and eats. Bathes and washes. Cooks and sews. Starves and dies.

Hopelessness, helplessness and guilt survive in a vaccum. Like the hollow of a coconut. They pull down at me. Tuggin me down. I ache with their weight.

Heavy fog replaces thoughts. The head weighs down with the intensity of the blankness and experiences only that. Nothing penetrates either way.

Eyes shut not to a feeling of lightness that leads to sleep but only to open again in a few seconds. For when the lids come down it is haunted within


  1. A bit too depressing for my taste. Thinking of somebody else's problems is a manifestation of your internal frustration. It is easier to look at someone else's issues and embrace them and feel bad about them as they clout and blur in the relativity of the your situation.

    There are more than enough reasons to believe in the positive aspects of things whereas looking at the negative ones and dwelling on them simply adds misery to your life. Its not about whats there but its about what you can do to change it, believing in the capacity of individuals to go about making that change, regardless of how insignificant, would make things better for everyone. It seems small but its growth is exponential and I can say this with more confidence than a guarantee without an asterisk.

  2. beautiful blog shazooo....always knew u were talented babe...!!

  3. A bit too abstract for my taste :)

  4. Well written.

    "Hopelessness, helplessness and guilt survive in a vaccum. " - liked this line a lot. So true!!

  5. Extremely well written... Read it over and over again...