Friday, July 10, 2009

In memory of my beloved camera

I am deeply saddened to inform all of you of the untimely disappearance of my Sony Cybershot. I dedicate this post to its memory.

To my first digital camera

For giving me perspective and vision.

P.S: Advice on how i should have been careful or on what to do next is not welcome.


  1. I feel for you.My loss was a phone.I still pester Vigi to ask his fancypants police connection to find it.

  2. Hiii Shazia.....

    I can imagine ur loss...i also had lost mine and can imagine wat u must b feeling..... any ways hope u hve a backup of the pics........;)



  3. Saya , i appreciate your show of solidarity.
    Sanjieta, unfortunately i do not have a back up of the pics...
    Thanks for dropping by though.